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Software Developer
As a software developer at Precis Digital, you are a vital part of our effort to deliver the best possible services and results to our clients.

You will play a vital part in developing the tools that support the daily operations of account managers and the overall performance of our advertising campaigns, as well as working with tools for optimization on platforms such as Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

Your team includes statisticians, product experts, and account managers. The goal is to facilitate data-driven decisions with regard to our clients’ business objectives. Furthermore, you will be a part of developing Precis Digital’s core operations and processes.

We will be interviewing interesting candidates ongoingly, so if you want to know more about the position call Leifur at +45-60-86-91-15 or simply apply by sending your application and CV to.

In less than five years, we have become one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Europe with +100 employees and local presence in three different markets. Apart from delivering great results to our customers, we have also managed to build one of the best workplaces in our region and keeping our client retention rate above 90% every year.

Our vision is to define the next generation digital agency. We believe this can be done by looking beyond the current status quo through constant experimentation with advanced analysis, technology, and intelligent methods of optimization. We want to break new ground and do things that make a true difference to our employees, clients, and ultimately to our industry.

We have a burning passion for the digital world and the great opportunities it holds. We work hard, have fun, and always try to push the limits of what’s possible. Do you have the same passion for the digital world?


  • Research, development, and implementation of the most suitable technologies for specific areas
  • Proactive research of possible solutions that can equip Account Managers to deliver results to clients
  • Development in Python and JavaScript
  • Working with available APIs, such as Google AdWords API and Google Analytics API
  • Integration of logic into Django web applications
  • Providing tools that programmatically perform campaign analysis using statistical models
  • Programmatically conduct continuous optimization of keywords, bids, and ads for search and display campaigns in AdWords accounts
  • Continuous learning and a unique opportunity to be up-to-date with the latest innovations within online marketing and information technology


  • Strong proficiency in Python or other OOP language is required
  • Experience working with Django or other web frameworks is a plus
  • Good knowledge of the Linux operating system is a plus
  • Record of developing in a team, using Git or other revision control
  • Open-source contributions are appreciated
  • Proven analytical ability; proficiency in analyzing data for decision making
  • BA/BSc/MSc in relevant area is a plus

Vores team bestående af projektledere, marketingfolk, statistikere og udviklere udgør en unik konstellation med den nødvendige ekspertise til at eksekvere ægte datadrevet markedsføring.

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Send besked Stockholm
Alströmergatan 20A
112 47 Stockholm
+46 8 580 808 00

Esromgade 15, opg.1, 4.sal
2200 København N
+45 51 91 73 75

Brenneriveien 5
0182 Oslo
+47 92 21 86 84

Kyrkogatan 13b
41115 Göteborg
+46 735 00 49 79

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Full-time job
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Ad created on 06 June 2017, last update on 06 June 2017

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