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The Department of Clinical Research is offering a position as postdoc for the project Better Hearing Rehabilitation (BEAR). The BEAR project is funded by Innovation Fund Denmark and the hearing aid companies Widex, GN Resound and Oticon and is carried out in collaboration with Odense University Hospital, Aalborg University, Aalborg University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, Technical University of Denmark, the hearing aid companies Widex, GN Resound and Oticon as well as Delta.

The aim of the postdoc study is to analyze data from a large cohort of 2000 patients who have received hearing aid treatment as a part of the BEAR study. The purpose of the data analysis is to characterize different archetypes of hearing aid users based on differences in hearing thresholds and speech discrimination as well as on subjective parameters. Subjective parameters are changes reported in the Speech and Spatial Questionnaire (SSQ) after hearing aid treatment compared to the SSQ before hearing aid treatment. Additional factors such as user satisfaction with the hearing aid, hearing aid type, real ear measurements and general health data can be included in this analysis as well.

The postdoc will collaborate with the Ph.D. students currently engaged in data collection to the cohort. Additionally, the BEAR project is setting up a new protocol in another Ph.D. study for investigating characteristics of different types of hearing loss based on theoretical patient archetypes. The postdoc will analyze how close these theoretical archetypes are explaining archetypes in real patient data.

As part of the BEAR project, the postdoc has the potential to contribute to the way in which we examine hearing losses in Danish clinical practice in the future. The project may also have an international impact.

The overall aim of the BEAR project is to develop and evaluate methods for future investigation of hearing impaired patients and to develop methods for objective categorization of the effect of the treatment with hearing aids.

Qualifications:Potential candidates must hold

- a Ph.D. degree from a Danish or foreign university in audiology, hearing science, acoustics, engineering, statistics or related fields.

- Strong knowledge in statistical analyses and performance of statistical tests such as multivariate analyses and principal component analyses. Knowledge of STATA or similar statistical software package is required.

- Documented experience in research preferably relevant for the research area.

- Good skills in scientifically English writing and communication.

- Knowledge of audiological measuring methods and knowledge about hearing loss is an advantage.

- Interest in audiology and ear diseases and data analysis.

- The position is available for a 2-year period.

The qualifications of the applicant will be assessed by a professionally skilled committee. For further information about the professional content of the position please contact Jesper Hvass Schmidt, MD PhD, Head of Research, ENT- Department of Audiology, ().

The successful applicant will be employed in accordance with the agreement between the Ministry of Finance and AC (the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations).

Applications will be assessed by an expert committee. Applicants will be informed of their assessment by the university.

Only applications written in English will be accepted for evaluation.

Applications - including the required attachments - must be sent via the below-mentioned link “Apply online". Only online applications will be accepted. Attached files must be Adobe PDF or Word format. Each field in the application form can contain up to max. 10 Mb.

The application must contain (as pdf.- or docx.-files):

• an application

• a detailed CV

• degree certificates (inclusive of Ph.D.-diploma)

• a complete and numbered list of publications

• up to 3 scientific publications considered by the applicant to the most important for this position. Please notice that one pdf.- or docx.-file must be attached for each publication.

• a teaching portfolio detailing the candidate’s prior teaching experience, teaching skills, and teaching philosophy

• a research plan detailing the candidate’s ideas and plans for her/his future research work.
Incomplete applications with regard to the above-mentioned requirements will not be assessed.

The University wishes our staff to reflect the diversity of society and thus welcomes applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background.

Further details:

Read the guideline for applicants


13 august 2017

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Application deadline 13 August 2017

Ph.d. project
Northern Jutland
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