Layout Engineer Leader- Denmark


Full-time job
East Zealand

Layout Engineer Leader- Denmark
ID 2015-2492

Job Locations Denmark-Roskilde

Category Analog Design/Layout

Posted Date 12/5/2016

Job Length Full-Time

More information about this job:
Mellanox Technologies (Roskilde, Denmark) is looking for an Analog Layout Engineer Leader to join the Analog Layout team, to develop high speed circuits for data transfer, mentor and guide younger team members.

Mellanox interconnect ICs deliver broadband communication at frequencies of 100GHz and above. For such ICs the physical implementation (layout) is critical and even the slightest mismatch can mean the difference between success and failure.


  • You will be familiar with manual and automated Circuit/Layout design methods and tools used at Mellanox.
  • You will work closely with your design team on circuit implementation of your design.
  • You will be familiar with Design environment, flow, tools, methodologies and optimization methods used at Mellanox.
  • You will be exposed to leading technologies used in Interconnect IC design at Mellanox.
  • You will be familiar with the whole design process and be part of the team delivering leading Interconnect IC products.


University degree in Electrical Engineering or relevant

Experience/ Requirements:

  • At least 7 year experience in analog layout.
  • Management/leadership experience is an advantage.


  • Knowledge in High Speed/RF, matched layout, IO and ESD circuits.
  • Familiar with Cadence tools and with Synopsys and Calibre verification.
  • Knowledge in scripting Unix/Linux (TCL,…)

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Full-time job
East Zealand
Electro & Telecom Engineering
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Ad created on 17 April 2015, last update on 17 April 2015

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